Saturday, June 1, 2013

Records are my life...

As I spend most of my waking hours running a record shop, DJing or going out to hear friends DJ, I can't help but to draw similarities between records and life. Life is a rhythm and goes in cycles and as far as I am concerned, music is the rhythm of life, personified.

Some records I love and will be with me for the long haul, while others I like for a certain period of my life and over time, as my tastes change, I am no longer interested in them. Some contain songs that have special meaning to a particular part of my life and will always transport me back to that experience. Some records I admire the covers, but don't care for the music on the wax. Some have unassuming covers and contain amazing tunes. Some records I will revisit every so often and will always sound as fresh as the first time I heard them.

All of the traits I've listed above can easily be translated into interpersonal relationships and life in general. Friends come and go, some stay with me for the long haul, while others come into my life during certain eras and through various experiences. Some people grow on me through time, while others start off strong and end up leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Some folks come off with a smooth cover only to end up being disappointing and those who might have been the most unsuspecting of friends, wind up being the best of friends. 

Records go round and round, sounding out the rhythms, cycling with life and the beat of the world. I am thankful for all of the great people who have come through my life and look forward to continuing to enjoy their company and the entertainment of the many records in my life and for those that will be coming into my life as the rhythms roll on!


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