Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Virtual Visit to VAMP!

Hello Friends, Family and Followers of VAMP! Thought I'd offer a little virtual tour of what we've got going on in our shop! We are always putting new digs out (on a daily basis), so there will constantly be new things to look through upon every visit! We thank all of the folks who have been by the shop to say hi and we extend a warm welcome to everyone else who has yet to make it through!

Below, you will find the first half of our Rock section. 60s/70s - Rock, Psych, Garage, Surf, Hard Rock, etc.

This is the second half of our Rock section. Later 70s & 80s. Punk, New Wave, Rock, Garage, Surf, Rock-a-billy, Pop Rock, etc. The bottom half is the home to our Country and Folk sections.

VAMP is proud to have a pretty stellar selection of 60s/70s Gospel records. Thanks to Manzanita Sound for helping to beef up this section. We are also working on building up our Blues section. "Bacon Fat" just came in on consignment and it's a fantastic album, all around!

Some of our Soul/Disco/Funk selections. Can't go wrong with New Birth or the album that started off The Gap Band's musical anthology!
Our Latin & International section + compilations down there on the bottom right.

Below is a view of KOLEO's artwork on the walls, as well as our bins of records!

KOLEO is a local street artist who has graced our walls with his artworks during the month of May. The little stand below holds packs of his art on stickers. Super cool and only $10 bucks each! The dish below holds handmade buttons by El Ponk! El Ponk also made the votive candles. They have images of Cholas, 60s hairstyle models and other pop culture images. 

 This image shows more of what El Ponk! has to offer...including pinstriped shot glasses, Day of the Dead statues and a super cool painting on a slice of wood!

VAMP also has a nice selection of vintage jewelry from the 1940s - 1970s. This case includes some great enamel flower pins, a nice selection of silver metal necklaces and bracelets, a super cool and colorful Mod compact, a super rad lighter with a clock on it, black rhinestone studded white bracelets, amongst other great finds!

We like to make sure we have something for everyone, so here is our KIDS section! Includes a nice crate of records, playing cards, card game, stuffed animals (Owls are made by Tracy with vintage fabrics and each one is one of a kind!), etc. 

This is our kitchen/entertainment section. Some fantastic Better Homes and Gardens cook books, a lovely wood salad serving bowl with matching bowls and servers, a super cool Dansk cast iron candle holder, 2 pairs of metal (Made in Japan) candle holders, amongst other unique items and pottery pieces. 

And the grand finale...more serving items, glassware and planters! Yes, the lovely blonde with dangling pear earrings is indeed a is the cute little owl on the right! 

We at VAMP look forward to welcoming each and every one of you into our shop! Please keep an eye out on our Facebook page (, our Twitter ( and right here on our blog, for updates, event info, and activities we are participating in or support! VAMP is "vintage art & music for the people"! 

Cheers! Tracy & Fernando

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